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For Pueblo County Commissioner

My first priority as your County Commissioner will be to listen to the community.  It is quite difficult to make an informed decision without information. It is not the job of leaders to tell you what’s best for you but rather you tell them and they get it done.

I believe that we need more of an inclusive leadership style in Pueblo.  I vow to work with all members of leadership and the community as a whole to put Pueblo County’s betterment at the forefront of every decision.

My initial platform:

  • Decrease crime
  • Create more high paying and manufacturing jobs
  • Address the opioid crisis & homelessness
  • Improve education & schools
  • Help veterans
  • Downtown initiative

I plan to adjust and update my platform as I continue to speak with the community, so any critiques, opinions or suggestions are very welcome.

Check back here for the latest on my campaign. We are updating often.

  • Born & raised in Pueblo, Colorado
  • Graduated from Centennial High School
  • Graduated from CSU-Pueblo
  • Obtained a bachelor’s degree in political science
  • Served 8+ years as a U.S. Navy SEAL at multiple commands
  • Deployed to Afghanistan, Iraq and other theaters
  • Owns and operates Republic Shooting Range
  • Appointed to Pueblo County Planning Commission
Taking Action on Key Issues
Increasing Jobs
Work with all local entities to create more high paying and manufacturing jobs. Entice good companies with good ethics and backgrounds to Pueblo with tax credits, a skilled workforce, natural resources and affordable housing. We can also look towards implementing work-study programs within CSU-Pueblo, PCC and our local high schools to attract long-term relationships with these companies.  Research and work with existing companies to increase positions and start utilizing some of our existing buildings to create more employment.
Community First
Create a Pueblo first mentality among citizens and leaders alike. We need to be our own best friend when it comes to promoting and improving Pueblo. Our divisions pale in comparison to our similarities and we need to come together for the betterment of Pueblo.  We must create more accessibility and accountability within local government.  I propose initiatives to get the citizenry more involved and giving back that feeling that their voice matters.  I vow to be held accessible and accountable to all of you and plan to get out in all areas of our great community very frequently.  I believe that great leadership must not make decisions from an ivory tower but rather from on the ground surrounded by the people.
Military and Veterans Initiative
Look at ways to bring more Fort Carson folks to live in Pueblo, especially North Pueblo West. Investigate housing initiatives, parks and other amenities to increase the number of Fort Carson soldiers calling Pueblo home. Approach Air Force and Army pilots and air programs to start a heavier use of the Pueblo Airport.  These initiatives could bring much-needed revenue to Pueblo County and create more relationships with the military bases in close proximity to us.  Research and implement programs to better provide for our many Veterans in Pueblo County.  Better healthcare, transportation, community involvement and more support to all of our local Veteran groups.
Decrease Crime
Work with the communities and their leaders to improve upon the Pueblo Crime Stoppers and safe streets programs. Increase training to all law enforcement and first responders. Work with and provide the resources needed to local law enforcement and first responders to reduce crime in Pueblo County.  Look at implementing specialized units such as gang task force, warrant serving etc. to combat crime.  Research jailing alternatives and future plans to reduce the strain on our local jail and Sheriff’s Department .
Downtown Initiative
I propose that we advertise and promote our downtown district. Highlighting and improving our existing amenities such as the arts center, bike paths, river walk, and much more. We can also look towards creating another centralized attraction such as  indoor go-karts, haunted museums, thrill rides or water rides. These improvements will draw people in and benefit the existing businesses by creating offshoot spending. We must think of Pueblo as the “big city” when it comes to outlying communities and draw them in. Our downtown has beautiful buildings, it is rich in culture and history and it deserves to be showcased and capitalized
Work with the school board, educators, students and parents to look at new ways to help better our local schools. An outside the box perspective may be necessary to further improve our local K-12 education, whether that is more school choice programs, vocational schooling, after school programs, incentive based programs or pre-K education.  We must also focus on improving the relations with our higher education facilities. I propose an increase in the accessibility of resources and interaction with the schools by the community. I would also like to explore the opportunity to increase hands-on trade education programs. This can go hand in hand with the proposed influx of manufacturing jobs.
Opioid Crisis & Homelessness
Partner with local health agencies and first responders to decrease the opioid crisis. Look at implementing a program like the Michigan State Police Angel Program or the Police Assisted Addiction and Recovery Initiative. These programs allow addicts to voluntarily seek help without arrest. Research and work with local businesses and other entities to create a voucher based initiative.  Creating the feeling of self motivation and self worth.  We could look at providing a bed and hot meal for those who get out in the community and do a days worth of work at any of the partnering entities.  We must give a hand up and not a hand out and we cannot allow our citizens to feel afraid of being in a parking lot after dark for fear of being approached aggressively for that hand out.
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