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Meet Zach Swearingen

Call to Service

I am running for this position because I think that we are at a crossroads in this community, county and country. We desperately need strong and representative leadership in government right now and in the near future. I have always believed in the people over bureaucracy and this choice has never been more prevalent than it is right now. We have more in common than we do in difference and this must be demonstrated in representation. The people need their voice heard and that starts by electing leaders who understand that they work for the people not the other way around.

My first priority as your next County Commissioner will be to listen to the community. It is quite difficult to make an informed decision without information. I will also bring much more of an inclusive style of leadership to this position by working with all members of government and the community as a whole. True representation and working together is the only way to heal divisions and to move our community forward. The betterment of Pueblo County as a whole will guide my decision making process.

Nice to meet you

I was born and raised in Pueblo County, grew up west of City Park, moved to Pueblo West and attended Centennial High School. I graduated from CSU-Pueblo. Immediately following graduation I enlisted in the United States Navy and completed the grueling process of becoming a U.S. Navy SEAL. I held leadership positions the entire time I served in the SEAL Teams. Prior to my last deployment I met my wonderful wife Lexi. After I completed my last enlistment and received an honorable discharge we moved back to Pueblo County.

Within a year of moving back to Pueblo and with the help of my wife and dad we started a successful small business. Since then I have started and run another successful small business. I served as the vice chair of the Pueblo County Planning Commission. Served on the boards for Pueblo Diversified Industries and Home of Heroes. I was also selected by elected leaders to serve on the Pueblo Means Business Taskforce and Pueblo City's disbursements of initial COVID-19 funding. I care deeply for this community and am very involved. I have extensive knowledge and experience in business, leadership, land use issues and public service.

Of all the jobs and endeavors I have had, the most important by far is being a father to three beautiful young children. I want a better future for them and all children of this community. It is a major reason why I am running for this position.

A proven leader that is well versed in cultivating different ideas and views towards a common goal.

My platform:

  • Decrease crime, prioritize public safety, and support law enforcement
  • Promote a more business-friendly Pueblo County
  • Work towards a better community for our youth
  • Promote and help Veteran services
  • Improve our image and increase tourism
  • Address the homelessness issue
  • Conduct quarterly town hall meetings
  • Protect and preserve personal liberties and freedoms at a county level
  • Consistently stand up for Pueblo County and its citizens
Public Safety/Decreasing Crime
I support strong public safety in our community.  From vandalism to violent crime, I will do everything in my power to reduce crime.  I will ensure, as a Commissioner, that I provide ample support to the Sheriff’s Office and the District Attorney's Office to do their jobs. I will assist with the transition into the new jail and be proactive with maintenance of the new facility to protect the county’s investment. I intend to stand up and contest bills in the state legislature that will weaken public safety in our community. I will work with law enforcement and the community to improve neighborhood watch and other community-based programs.  Ensuring that we have a safe community is a necessity if economic development is going to take root.

Promote a more business friendly Pueblo County:

As a Commissioner, I will be active with the Pueblo Means Business Project to continue its good work and to improve upon areas that need it. I will work with all county departments that deal with business development and ensure that there is standardization in the permitting process.  We, as a community, must be much more business friendly.

I will work with PEDCO, chambers of commerce, and other organizations to conduct PR campaigns highlighting our industrial parks, airports, transportation, and natural resources.

I will work with parents, teachers, school boards, unions, and private industry to improve and expand our trade programs.  A stronger labor force will attract more businesses.

Work towards a better community for our youth:

We, as a community, must provide more activities for our youth and young adults.  These can include added features to the Arts Center, added youth sports programs, increased professional skills and trades programs, additional arts and sciences programs, racing events, or any other community-based youth programs.

I will work with the public and private sectors to bring in these amenities and programs to give our youth as much opportunity as possible.

Promote and help Veteran services:

I will work with and support our Veteran Service Officers, ensuring they have the resources to best provide for our veterans.  I will also pursue a Veterans One-Source Facility, similar to the one in Grand Junction.

Improving image and tourism:

I will work with all local organizations to conduct PR campaigns highlighting Pueblo County’s attributes and tourist activities.  We must also advertise all of our local events to our own residents in a better fashion, whether this is by adding electronic billboards in strategic places or any other form of advertising.

We must also work together to decrease our illegal dumping issues and clean up our community as a whole.

Address the homelessness issue:
All of the issues we face will require cooperation and community involvement.  The homelessness issue is no different.  I will again work with the private and public sectors to help facilitate improvements in this area.  We must look at housing, mental health, rehabilitation, and substance abuse services.  I believe we can be compassionate and pragmatic at the same time.  This issue is hurting businesses and our community as a whole, and there is no compassion for anyone to leave the situation as it is.
Thank you for your continued support and I look forward to serving you all.



Upcoming Events

We will be having meet and greets in every part of Pueblo County. Check back for more dates. 

October 7th 6-10pm (Pueblo Lincoln Day Dinner)

Pueblo Convention Center, 320 Central Main St, Pueblo, CO 81003

Get tickets:

Sept 30th 11:30a - 1:30p (Latino Chamber of Commerce Candidate Forum)

Pueblo Convention Center
320 Central Main St
Pueblo, CO 81003

$25 per person

To RSVP for the luncheon call the chamber at 719-542-5513 or register online by clicking here.

Sept 23rd-25th 10a - 6p (Pueblo Chile & Frijoles Festival)

Downtown Pueblo/Union Avenue
$6 Gate Admission

Sept 12th 5-7pm (South Side Pueblo Meet & Greet)

Big Daddy's Sunset Bowling Alley 1227 S Prairie Ave, Pueblo, CO 81005

August 25th 5-7pm (Colorado City Meet & Greet)

Three Sisters Tavern & Grill 6695 W. Hwy 165, Colorado City, CO 81019

August 18th 5-7pm (Avondale Meet & Greet)

45500 Olson Road, Avondale, CO 81022

August 11th 5-7pm (Pueblo West Meet & Greet)

Pueblo West Eagles 348 S. McCulloch Blvd, Pueblo West, CO 81007

July 28th 5-7pm (Beulah Meet & Greet)

Good Pasture Barn 7970 CO-78, Beulah, CO 81023

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